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Words and music by Brian Sullivan and Larry Morris
Arrangement Emerald Rose

A man named Darwin – had a revelation
He said all life evolved from the confusion
He had a theory. He made some people nervous
When he came to the… embarrasing conclusion

We come from monkeys. We’re not so special.
We’ve only got…a little extra DNA
The chimpanzees…are very close to us
Australopithecus? He’s not so far away

We come from monkeys, swingin in the trees
A little bit of monkey inside you and me
Monkey in the middle monkey on your back
It’s a fundamental problem but a scientific fact
We come from monkeys

The feeble minded… said creation was the answer
They got upset…their nose got outta joint
They say we’re missing…the monkey in the middle
They’re picking nits…it kinda proves the point

You’re not so hairy. You haven’t got a tail
You’re not adapted – for living in a tree
But if you care – to count up all your chromosomes
You’re ninety eight point four percent a chimpanzee


Double helix monkey bars, feel the primal beat
Six million years we been walkin’ on our feet
A barrel full of monkeys, swingin’ from the family tree…

We don’t wanna start a social revolution
we just wanna talk about some monkey evolution
But the knuckle-draggin’ stool-flingin’ fools just don’t wanna see
We come from monkeys…

If you can’t handle…the thought of evolution
You might just call it…intelligent design
But if the universe…keeps on evolving
Then maybe you should just evolve a bigger mind

Monkey see – Monkey do –
Monkey see – Monkey do –
Monkey see, monkey do, Monkey me, monkey you,
let’s all face it it’s all true we come from

© 2005 Emerald Rose 2005

Larry Morris - vocals
Brian (Logan) Sullivan - guitars, vocals
Arthur Hinds - drums & percussion, vocals
Clyde Gilbert - bass, vocals

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