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LYRICS for "Con Suite"

Chocolate Frog

No Booze Today

Tree Huggin Man

Fairies Stole My Keys

All For Me Grog

Bronya Vladivoshtnoshtk!

Never Split The Party

Vulcan Rubdown

Big Damn Heroes

Danny In The Jar

Solitary Motel

Vampire Girl from Orn

Lyrics are freely distributed for personal use.
All songs (c) Emerald Rose 2007
for mechanical or other licensing please email:

Original lyrics & music by Emerald Rose except:

"No Booze Today" traditional Appalachian
"All For Me Grog" traditional Celtic
"Danny In The Jar" traditional Celtic, abused
"Solitary Motel" derived from Elvis Presley, "Heartbreak Hotel"

Characters from "Harry Potter", "Star Trek", and "Firefly/Serenity" are trademarks of their respective publishers. Emerald Rose is in no way affiliated or endorsed by these authors or publishers.