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CON SUITE is here!

We've been playing sci-fi 'Cons for about seven years now, and we're always delighted by the motley collection of denizens that make these parties such a blast! That's the inspiration for our latest creation, "Con Suite" -- a collection of a dozen tracks of side-splitting comedy and sheer insanity. From Potter to Star Trek, tree-huggers to vampires, we've got songs to make you laugh 'til you cry...

We are releasing this CD at Dragon*Con 2007 in Atlanta, and we expect to have it available online around mid-September.

COMPLETE LYRICS for all the songs!


Harry Potter fans! We've got a special treat for you -- here's an MP3 version of our new ditty "Chocolate Frog" from the new CD!


and you D&D/gamer folks really must check out the film to the left. It's our "brickfilm" (Lego stop-motion animation) for the dungeon tale "Never Split The Party!"

Fans of Enterprise and that lovely Vulcan lass T'Pol will doubtless enjoy Arthur's video pastiche for his song "Vulcan Rubdown."

Hey, enough on this page already! But if you think these are cool, HELP US OUT! Visit the YouTube pages and rate them, favorite them, Stumble them, that sorta thing...we love the attention, y'know.


"Never Split The Party" - a brickfilm by Larry Morris

"Vulcan Rubdown" - ST:Enterprise tribute by Arthur Hinds