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Limited Edition Enhanced CD: Songs for the Night Sky [2004]

cover: Lindsay Archer
back cover: Monte Michael Moore

MARCH 2004

Five brand new songs
Three classics
Original artworks
Music Video: "Urania Sings"
Photos and MP3s
Fold-out "digipak" format
Edition limited to 5000 copies

This is an Enhanced CD produced to commemorate our performance at the Oscars night cast party for Peter Jackson's "Return of the King", Feburary 29, 2004. The edition is limited to 5,000 total copies, many of which will be distributed to party attendees and VIP's. We intend to sell these exclusively through our website, at our performances, and through a few select retailers.

An Enhanced CD plays normally on any home or portable CD player, but when placed in a PC or Mac, reveals additional content. In this case we've included our first-ever music video, produced by Wade Berlin in early 2004: "Urania Sings" -- along with artist galleries, photos, lyrics and more!

We anticipate a wide-distribution commercial release with these (and more) tracks to be released mid to late Spring 2004, tentatively titled "Urania Sings." Our limited edition release is for those who wish to own a collectible limited edition, including original artwork and the first publications of our new songs.

This CD will be available on or near March 1 , pre-order from our secure e-commerce site! Only $18 plus shipping!

See our main CD page for ordering!

We're happy to discuss wholesale orders with retailers; e-mail us if you're interested in our catalog.

1. Urania Sings
a song calling to the Muse of Astronomers

2. Take Me Down (to Her Water)
the healing power of water in all her forms
3. Gwydion's Song to Lleu
from the Welsh Mabinogion - a father's call to heal his injured son
4. Come To The Dance
a gypsy-style call to dance in the circle

5. World's Wedding [prev. rel. Celtic Crescent]
a song of mythic love through the seasons

6. Penny In The Well [prev. rel. Bending Tradition]
a song of healing, returning and wishing
7. Pipes Set (Down the Back Lane/Star of Munster/Fermoy Lasses)
traditional tunes on the Uilleann Pipes

8. Fire In The Head [prev. rel. Bending Tradition]
rockin' song about ancient Celtic shamanism

1. Music Video (.mpg format) "Urania Sings"
2. Artist's Galleries: Lindsay Archer and Monte Michael Moore
3. Live Photo Gallery
4. Complete lyrics for all songs
5. MP3 files