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Studio CD: Bending Tradition (2000)

Our most commercially successful CD to date, "Bending Tradition" has shipped well over 5,000 copies - a solid track record for an indie release! This was our second CD, and the first we consider a "real" CD (our debut CD "Emerald Rose" was a limited pressing, and essentially demo quality). We spent many studio hours at Railroad Earth in Atlanta getting the master the way we wanted, and we're proud of the result.

The songs showcase a variety of styles, from Pagan-theme rockers like "Pagan Girl" and the oracular chant/song "Freya, Shakti" to more Celtic traditional fare such as "Come By The Hills" and "Johnnie Cope".

You can now order this CD direct, using our secure e-commerce site! Only $13 plus shipping!

We also have this CD for sale on Amazon.com and many other online merchants, including The Blessed Bee, Azure Green, and Southern Fried Filk! We'll also be selling them at our gigs, of course, and we're happy to discuss wholesale orders with any qualified retailers.

1. Penny In The Well - original, pop with Celtic undertones
2. Fire In The Head - fast-paced "mouth music" piece with Celtic shamanism theme
3. Lucky Man - the old Emerson, Lake, and Palmer number, as it should have been
4. Green Hills of Garland/Gallagher Lass/Ferret's Nose - original jigs from Larry
5. Red Haired Mary - a trad ballad transformed to modern pop
6. Pagan Girl - pure pagan pop!
7. Come By The Hills - a beautiful traditional Irish ballad
8. Johnny Cope - a rousing Scottish fightin' song
9. Merry Mayfolk - an upbeat May song with a universal message
10. Castle of Arianrhod - mysterious delving into Welsh myth and legend
11. Freya, Shakti - praise for the Goddess in her many forms
12. Unfinished Business - jazz jam with bozouki and whistle
13. Hills of America - an anthem of the Celtic diaspora