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Humor CD: Rants and Rambles [2004]

Re-release August 2004

Eight tracks of utter insanity. This CD presents the "less serious" side of Emerald Rose, with song themes ranging from chicken-wielding warriors to interstellar vampires to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. If you were ever a fan of Dr. Demento or Wierd Al, you might just want this for your collection!

This CD was originally produced through MP3.com. With the demise of the "original" MP3.com last year, the release went out of print. We've now reissued the CD (identical except for new art on the CD itself) and have it available for $13 plus shipping!

PLEASE NOTE: this CD is NOT shrink-wrapped, though it comes in a standard jewel case.

We're happy to discuss larger wholesale orders with retailers; e-mail us if you're interested in our catalog.

Vampire Girl from (the planet) ORN - A sexy interstellar traveller shakes up a small town.

2. My PBJ - Extolling the virtues of the humble peanut butter & jelly sandwich.

3. Bachelor's Life - A tongue-in-cheek (?) warning to those fellas contemplating marital bliss.

4. The Whiskey Poem (A Contest of Whiskeys) - Scotch vs. Irish malts battle for honor.

5. The Chicken Raid of Cymru - A fan favorite! A warped take on Welsh mythology with a Texas groove.

6. Rattlin' Bog - the classic Irish children's song. Or drinking song. Or both.

7. Goth Baby - an innocent chap falls in with a dangerous woman. Is it love? Or just a transfusion?

8. Santa Claus is Pagan, Too - the closest we've come to a Christmas carol.

9. Chicken Raid: myth of Ygg'drllithBOK - sometimes track 5 goes seriously awry in concert.