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SUNWISE - our new 2014 release - new studio material from Emerald Rose!

Featuring themes that relate to our connection to the Earth, we explore a variety of styles beyond traditional Celtic. You'll find story-ballads, rock anthems, dance tunes, Jack Johnson-style pop, and chants in the mix. We also reprise two older songs: "Padstow" and "Call Me Home" with new recordings.

Track List:

Ancient Days 2:54
Dance Till The Moon Goes Down 4:24
Rage of the Butterfly 4:01
Mountain Fey 2:35
Land of the Dancing Trees 4:54
Morrison's Jig/The Silver Spear 3:37
Padstow 4:30
Unwind 4:19
Call Me Home 4:48
The Wild Hunt 4:21
Drombeg 5:31

For complete lyrics see our comprehensive LYRICS page.