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"What a Long, Strange Trip it's been"

Our latest releases are the studio CD Sunwise and the retrospective USB drive collection Artifacts. We now have complete Lyrics (including chords!) for Sunwise online. Also check out the Track Listing for Artifacts, and Order Online through our new Square Market page!

Sunwise is also now available on iTunes and Google Play, and for sale by CD Baby!



North Georgia's EMERALD ROSE has been recording and performing for over 20 years, weaving their musical spell on audiences as diverse as Irish pubs and festivals, sci-fi conventions, and Hollywood cast parties! Blending vocal harmonies, Celtic and world music instrumentation, unique and diverse songwriting, rocking renditions of Irish and Scottish classics, and an energetic performance style, Emerald Rose entertains.

"Most helpful to this group is their great talent for generating so much original music, with hauntingly beautiful poetic lyrics and the knack for crafting a solid and fluid arrangement. They are tight, close and cohesive as a group, and their latest release represents their roles as musical veterans reaching for the path of musical legends." - Performer Magazine

Emerald Rose

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It’s been a great journey, but all things have a life cycle. It is time for us to let you all know that Emerald Rose has decided to retire as a band after the end of this year. We expect to release a small offering at Dragon Con of music that is currently only released on our USB anthology Artifacts. This will also allow that music to become available on the internet. We expect this to be our last year performing at Dragon Con. We are looking for an appropriate venue to perform one more public concert after Dragon Con to say goodbye to all those who can’t make it to the con. 

It has been an incredible adventure, and over the past 20 years, we have shared many unforgettable experiences with some fantastic people and we thank you all for the support you have given us during our career. We got to do so many things in so many cool places… The Lord of the Rings parties, many crazy Dragon Con years, trips to Ireland and all over America… we got to be in movies, our music was in soundtracks, tv commercials, on the radio and played on computers all over the world - thanks to you all sharing it with your friends. Thanks for coming to all the lousy gigs too! You supported us through bad weather, mean drunks, lousy reservations - and still filled the pubs and sold them out of food and beer! 

Most incredible was the experience of seeing and hearing you all sing along with us to our songs at our gigs. People have met at our gigs, fallen in love, created families and communities and raised children who now sing our music. Our songs have been performed in sacred spaces all over the world. It has truly been a blessing, and we have had a blast! Thanks for making it such a great ride!


EMERALD ROSE CD's are available online! Click on a CD image below to find out more.